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Man-Machine Coupling

I'm surprised there is no reference to the 'Cyborg as far as I understand is the unification to different degrees of the man-machine coupling. But for whatever reason the author shies away from this title, I wonder why.

What would happen if the people who operate on biological systems, like doctors, where also the programmers would the filed advance faster?

"Communication man-to-man involves other elements that are supplementary to words and pictures. Gestures of the body, expression in the eyes, involuntary muscular movement, signs of agitation or calm such as breathing rate and skin color, all contribute to communication." This sounds like everything my research revolves around, though I must say skin color has not been on my radar, the idea of the 'blush' is alluring to me. I might make a work about it.

There is a really great radio lab about the idea of speed and time. Where the body responds in the scheme of things relatively slow to stimulus. The fastest system is the 'instant' response to loud startling noise which by passes the brain and travel directly to the nervous system to the ear. What if cybernetic gave that type of instant response and by passed the brain too.

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