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Magnetic Representation of Relationships


Participants will be creating a psychical map of attraction/compatibility. Using a system based off of Jungian Personality assessment, two participants will take a quiz resulting in a result of a number 1through 16. Two magnets will be placed in a tray with corresponding number. A top portion of tray for water/iron solution, tray pull out, and ceramic tile will be placed over it. An H2O solution containing Iron Oxide will be added thinly over top, the interaction of the iron with the magnetic field of the magnets will create a design representative of their 'attraction'. Once the water is removed the tiles can be fired to permanently glaze the results in place.

In the future I would also like to document results and create a guide for likely and unlikely compatibility, as drawings on paper for tiles to be compared to.


Specialized Personality Quiz

Black Iron Oxide in H2O solution

Pre-made ceramic glazed tile

Wood Tray

Plastic Tray

Removable Tray

Container for Solution


2 Participants

To Do

Fabricate container system

Test glazing temperature

Find host for quiz or program

Render 7.jpg
Render 5.jpg
Render 3.jpg

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