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Exercise Two

I’ve been looking into the capabilities of clay, power of which are of interest to me. Firstly the water in clay can make it conductive to electricity, and over time as the clay dries the current tapers off.

Also certain materials can be mixed into clay to make it magnetic. I found an few artist and blog who are working in this manner.


Turn Table

Slip trailer


Kiln shelf

Compatable handbuilding body

H.M.E Casting Slip 6-10

Grolleg 55

Neph Sy 23

Silica 325m 22

Sodium Silicate 100 grams

5-6 gallons of water

(I mix ½ a bag ½ a bag whole bag, I heart easy)

Add 10% Iron Oxide Should result in a gray clay body once fired to Cone 04

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