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Can’t help think of a radiolab episode relaying the use of algorithms to make investment choices, as well as the new laws stipulating that everyone must have the same speed/distance of cable to insure all companies have the same access. In my head this redirects all focus back onto the efficiency of the algorithms, and consequently “intelligence”.

The manner in which they struggle to define cybernetics both broad and fine, is often how I reflect on the way in which artists are engaging all fields of study yet choose to label themselves as artists. What is the use of a label?

So if cybernetics represents “represent the organization of physical entities (such as animals, brains, societies, industrial plants, and machines) or symbolic entities (such as information systems, languages, and cognitive processes).” What represents cybernetics, can it represent itself?

Hard not to get into existential questions when talking about ‘purpose’. What happens to a system when there is no purpose? Is it still a system? If a human fails to have a purpose/goal does that mean it’s an Error?

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